More items have been added to the list and I’ve been watching a lot of the development videos. That has made me want more out of this game so I upped my contribution for this project. I won’t say where I’ve landed, but let’s just I’m getting more than just a cloth map out of the deal.

As I look to the future of this game it’s pretty obvious it’ll be under development for a couple of years. Depending on how Garriott handles the other episodes (maybe we can get access to those as well) there is a huge opportunity to have input to a game that may change the industry again. I’ve been to Rush concerts where I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and that was over in a couple hours. This is a investment in the future. Shroud will take me to 2014 and I’ll ride the wave of the expansion packs or Episodes for a couple of years after that. Why not put in a few more dollars for several YEARS worth of entertainment and involvement.

I’ve been part of multiple beta programs before including Windows, Office and dozens of smaller tools. I don’t think I’ve been as excited about a beta opportunity as this one.And it sounds like Lord British is truly trying to illicit feedback from people. Kickstarter is putting him in touch with more passionate people that actually have a stake in the project. I think this is going to be awesome.

Anyone else making a commitment, regardless of how much?

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