There’s just a week left in the Kickstarter fundraising for Shroud of the Avatar. If you haven’t pledged anything yet, scrape together a few bucks by rifling through the couch or skip that crazy expensive coffee for a day or two and give Lord British a couple of coins for the effort.

I’m incredibly excited over this project not only for the nostalgia of bringing back one of the greatest games ever made, but this is quite literally about watching a game get built from the ground up. Garriott is taking input from players so there will be forums to discuss it’s progress, alpha builds, tangible items like maps and manuals, we’ll get to see the art and story develop over time, we’ll get to watch the system develop and have an impact on it’s mechanics as well as go along for the ride on what could be “the next big thing”.

Garriott has huge plans for this game so watching it come to fruition will be an adventure of it’s own. I’ve put in a few dollars, enough to get a bit of swag out of the deal. There are plenty of levels to choose from if you’re looking to get something out of the deal, besides the game.

I can’t wait for this project to get started.

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