So the latest update for Shroud of the Avatar discusses Emotes, which I quite frankly don’t understand. I will admit that my level of involvement with Emotes is pretty much nil. The only game I’ve seen showcasing them has been World of Warcraft and only then through gameplay videos on YouTube. They sort of look interesting, but I don’t understand the relevance.

They seem like gestures, such as a wave, or some other type of move. I’ve seen people string those together to make it look like a character is dancing. Ok, amusing I suppose, but why?

Emotes remind me of the taunts from Rise of Nations and Age of Empires. Sure, they were funny the first couple of times to add insult to injury as your final finishing move once you razed a Town Center, but after that no one ever touched them. They were cute and gimmicky, but didn’t really do much.

Emotes seem to be the same thing, kind of funny, but don’t do much. I have to ask though, will Emote for Shroud of the Avatar be linked to combat finishing moves? In the video update you could achieve a “mastery” with an Emote. That seems a bit more advanced than just waving or walking around. That foretells of combat moves. Now that I could be on board with. A high level combat skill that other players can’t have on their own would be a cool reward for supporting the game. It’s also a neat idea that you can teach emotes to other players, if they were combat skills that is. If they’re standard gestures and just ways of doing silly things, I then I couldn’t care less. If these are combat related then you have my attention.

It all seems very theoretical at this point so I’m interested in hearing more as the game develops.

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