To count down the final hours of the Kickstarter project, the Shroud of the Avatar team will lock themselves in the dev room so they can answer questions and entertain us for a full 24 hours. I have a feeling they will start asking for requests in order to get more pledges so who knows what we’re going to see. Shots for money? I think so. Full contact Rock, Paper, Scissors? It’s possible. Gameplay from the original Ultima games? That seems possible too.

The pledging comes to an end tomorrow, Sunday, April 7 at 10am CST. It will be the end of 30 exciting days of sneak peeks, demos and insight into the game. What happens after this is up in the air. For those that pledged, I’m sure there is a lot more information to be had. For those that pledged big, there will be private dev forums and meetings to help design and shape the game. The real work is about to begin!

But the team will gather shortly to let the antics begin. If nothing else, watching Lord British do shots for money should be worth a couple of bucks. He may be passed out on the floor wrapped around an Ultima box before all is said and done.

If you have some time to spare I highly encourage you to tune in and see what’s happening. By the end of the countdown they should be out of their minds and loony as hell. It should be awesome!

We’ve crossed over the $1.5 million threshold so who knows where we’ll end up at the end of this journey. $1.6 million doesn’t seem such a far fetched goal anymore.

The live feed will be on the front page of Shroud of the Avatar website.

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