Well this is interesting, SotA has just released details that if we pledged during the Kickstarter 30 day event that we can keep upgrading our account for the next year to build up to higher and higher tiers. I don’t know if I will upgrade since I’m a pretty comfortable tier, but that is great news for others who were only able to commit a small amount due to finances. Now they can set aside a little more each month, like a layaway plan, and upgrade their account over time.

Since a lot of people asked for this I really hope they take advantage. This is an insanely generous offer to let people move up to the $125 and $250 tiers where you really start to get the cool stuff. It should also be an incentive for people to hit the $400 Developer level where you really get in on the action. Reading Dev blogs will be interesting, but jumping into the Dev forums and having that direct contact with them is going to be pretty sweet. It also sounds like Lord British is going to solicit a lot of feedback from people at that level and higher.

More tiers will be coming in the post Kickstarter days, but the rewards won’t be as “lucrative”. I’m pretty damn satisfied with where I ended up.

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