The latest Dev update discussed Achievements, which like other games, will be based on creating a certain number of items or killing a certain number of creatures. Interestingly, these will be visual achievements in the form of clothing, or adornments for your house. Some of the examples were a new cloak to show you had slain a huge number of beasts or perhaps an eye patch to show you’d been defeated in PvP a certain number of times. They even hinted that Achievements might unlock more of the backstory of the game. It may come in the form of cut-scenes or virtual books you read. The backstory option could be kind of cool. I wonder if that means some of the Tracy Hickman novel would be virtualized for the game.

The Achievements weren’t going to be quest based, so they wouldn’t be necessary in order to finish the game, nor would you get new weapons or armor for completing them. You won’t gain a tactical advantage over other players from Achievements.

It all sounds pretty interesting. So I guess if you see someone walking down the street in a black cloak, you can assume they are some sort of badass that’s killed a couple hundred beasts or slain many opponents in PvP battles.

Speaking of PvP, people seem to be salivating over the idea. I’m not sure I quite get it. Is this just some sort of competition to see who is more dangerous? A test of skill? Or is this some elaborate way of stealing other people’s stuff? I really haven’t played any games with a PvP side. When it came to games like Diablo you were either in the same party and gained collective experience for the kills or you were solo. There was the “hostile” function where two players could duke it out to see who was more powerful, as long as they were outside of town, but that only affected them. They couldn’t do attack other players who weren’t in “hostile mode”.

If I remember correctly, when you lost, you lost some percentage of gold and had to go pick up all your stuff (the walk of shame). And wasn’t there an ear left behind as a token of your defeat? Players could run around with a collection of ears to show their awesomeness.

Since “death” hasn’t actually been worked out for SotA, what happens if you get defeated? I remember Chris and Richard saying they wanted death to be meaningful and involve some penalty. So if there is PvP how does that effect things? Or will it just be you get beaten down to the point where you can’t fight anymore rather than being killed? Death will only come from the game itself? Only from specific creatures or monsters?

Seems like SotA needs an arena like the old Circus Maximum or Gladiator days. Like the Theater idea we saw as a stretch goal, players can meet in the arena to do battle and show their prowess and dexterity in front of an audience. In a similar fashion to jousting tournaments (A Knight’s Tale), we as spectators could show up on designated days and times and watch the battles. That would be kind of cool. I would have some fun with that. Instead of looking over my shoulder waiting for some roguish player to come along and shank me in the kidney’s, we could make it a spectator sport and get some enjoyment out of the deal. Players could earn money and ultimately an Achievement for the total number of tournament wins.

Also, this is the final week for the daily Dev talks. From this point forward they will only come once a week, if that often. The private Developer chats will be starting up for people who pledged their way in. I believe Chris said that will get going by the end of the month. That will be a much smaller group of people offering input into the direction of the game. I’m sure they’ll do their YouTube updates, but it will probably be less frequent and will be a relaying of info with a few minutes for questions. We have to remember, when they’re talking to us, they aren’t writing code and we all know they have deadlines to meet.

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  • Totamin says:

    Just to say really appreciate you blog. Keeps me updated on the game I can’t wait to be released and have backed, without having to watch all the Vblogs, don’t have time to watch them all. So thanks. ;D Keep the content up, I’ll be checking everyday!

  • Anjel says:

    Hi Avatar,

    Great blog you have going. It’s interesting to see one person’s take on videos and posts from Lord British and co, rather than the official forums which are so busy and usually crammed with ideas and suggestions. It’s great to have facts mixed with one individuals translation, rather than the masses.

    Keep it up! I’ll be reading 🙂

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