The winners have been announced for the Lord British contest. And because the entries were so impressive and to keep the incentives going, all those selected for voting will receive the title of Royal Cryer and they also receive a Village Level property deed. That is pretty damn sweet! That’s one hell of a prize that during the Kickstarter project didn’t come cheat.

But the winner is Space Bards for their entry and they receive a City Level deed for the effort.

So congratulations to everyone! Those are some cool entries and sweet prizes! Appears I need gather up a creative team for the next go round.

We also learned that the size of the world is growing quite handily and the number of “hexes” is about 4 times larger than when we started. That makes me wonder how long it would take to walk from one side of the world to the other. If I leave my house and start walking, how far away would I end up and how long would it take? That also makes me ask, if I travel too far from home, what good is my house? Or is that when I pack it up and move to my new locale? Seems like that would work in the beginning, but what about 9 months in when space is rare?

Lots of people are asking about playing multiple characters, one good, one evil. Seems Lord British wants you to be your true self and not flip-flop on how your character behaves. He keeps saying the story is somewhat depending on how you behave in-game so switching around won’t give you the full experience. Since there is no class system it seems odd to want different characters. That spices things up a bit I suppose. Sounds like you should just play the game, work through it and go with whatever happens.

We should also expect to see a FireLotus Tavern, both on the SotA and inside the game itself. That will be cool to see and wow, talk about your legacy in a game? Sweet!

Tracy Hickman gives a bit of history about the backstory he’s writing which will encompass 1,000 years of history and details how the world came to be as it is. 1,000 years? Damn, that’s not a quick hit of backstory is it? We’ll also see the Underground playing an important role in the main game and will feature plenty of places to visit. This book sounds like a massive undertaking on it’s own.

Crafting will be the big feature added for the end of the month “Sprint”. This is an integral part of the game so we should see a working model of this by the end of the month.

Those at the Developer level and above should see an email with an invitation to the private Dev chats and those meetings will be more “agenda” based rather than the standard Q&A style we currently see. Definitely looking forward to those. That’s where the action is going to happen!

SotA will in fact be level based, but they won’t be the same as other games. Going up a level won’t make you insanely more powerful than a character below you, but it will offer more choices for your skill tree. That sounds kind of cool. The Level sounds more indicative of skill and the ability to expand who your character is and what they can do. It doesn’t just automatically make you more powerful. The main point of the game is advance in skill not just in power. This means that characters won’t be outrageously or exponentially more powerful than everyone else. That will be a nice chance. I guess this really harkens back to the old STR, DEX, STA, INT values we saw in so many games. The Lord British model seems based on being able to hit more accurately and for a longer duration, not just get a lucky blow and cause a shitload of damage. It also seems like those 4 attributes will help you get out of a fight should you get in over your head.

The Leveling system is one of the aspects I’m really interested in. I want to see how they balance out play so that characters can’t get out of control with each other.

And finally it sounds like there will be some more tailored houses coming. There is the Knight, Lord, Baron house, but there will be lots of customization to tune it for your tastes. Sounds like some decorations or multiple styles will be coming.

The game and the gaming elements sound excellent! We should have a fun demo to check out by the end of the month, the private Dev forum is right around the corner and Stephen will be drawing the Tavern for FireLotus on Tuesday at 3pm.

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