If you remember back to Dev Hangout with Stephen Daniele, he started work on the Underworld or Catacombs. His vision was a long series of tunnels that could connect the cities, filled with stalagmites and stalactites, waterfalls and quite possibly hidden cities.

Well, his vision is now complete and Stephen reveals the first glimpse into the Underworld as three adventurers stand amidst it’s awesome size.

And what did these brave souls find there? What story did they come back with, if they even came back at all? Did they find riches? Were monsters slain? Are they on the outskirts of some new city? The water looks clean and drinkable. The cavern seems dotted with gems. If there is a bridge, are they first to venture to these great depths?

Such is the great mystery for the first piece of fan fiction. What tale will these adventurers have? What will be their fate? Will their story be told at the tavern as one full of treasure and wealth or will it be told as a fateful warning to others? Did they live out their lives in great splendor or were they never heard from again?

Their fate will be the stuff of legend…

The SotA team is looking for submissions to chronicle this first adventure. Stephen has laid out a beautiful and mysterious location for the story, so what story leaps to mind? What is the first thing you think of? Where does your mind lead you?

I’m not quite sure if I’m up to the challenge of fan fiction, yet, but I might try and weave a tale just for my own amusement. If you feel a little more courageous, you can post your entries in the SotA forums. Your tale of adventure could become “lore” of the new realm and be passed down for generations. Tracy Hickman is eager to see how people will shape the world and give life to those who call it home.

For the Bards among you, a request for the “tales of old and tales of gold” has been put out.

Check out this link to see Stephen’s full size image and get more details on submitting the first piece of fan fiction for Shroud of the Avatar. Enjoy the comments, they may spark your imagination! 🙂

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