It was a fun and very quick hour with Stephen as he began work on the FireLotus Tavern. It was very interesting to see the humble beginning that went from a simple square showing the layout of objects to a much more refined and more 3-Dimensional building. In rapid succession Stephen worked and changed the layout multiple times. That is until Lord British came in and changed everything around yet again. Perhaps the big stone fireplace does belong against the wall of the tavern rather than in the center of the room. Thoughts?

We also learned that our Community Leader may not be the one to start a bar brawl, but she is indeed the one to finish it. Yikes! Sounds like FireLotus will have plenty of her own stories to tell by the fire once this tavern is built. As she puts it, she was a bit of a hellion in her earlier days. Guess I know where I’ll be hanging out.

But seriously, this was a very fun process to watch. It really did go from simple boxes and line drawings to a familiar looking room with depth and character. All of a sudden the fireplace took shape and had dimension. The bar took it’s place adjacent to the stairs which lead to the as yet unfinished second floor. The seating area came into view and the musicians were given a place to play.

Stephen actually redid the drawing multiple times, each time making adjustments and refining elements. I’m sure everyone would agree that time slipped by far too quickly and we would have gladly spent another hour watching his process.

The other part that’s remarkable is rather than using a massive and expensive canvas, a huge palette of colors with foreign sounding names, or throwing out terms most of wouldn’t understand, Stephen approaches his craft with store bought Sharpie markers and Xerox paper. You really can’t make art more approachable than that can you? No need to spend thousands of dollars on materials when you have what you need sitting in a kitchen drawer. Seriously Stephen, it’s wonderful to watch you work. I know I’ll be tuning in at 3pm every Tuesday to see more of the magic.

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