Today’s Dev Hangout centered around the idea of Player versus Player and Player versus Environment and which one will the game support. According to Richard and Chris it will handle both equally well. What’s interesting to note is that Richard a fan of PvE while Chris enjoys the PvP aspect. Richard wants to drive everything through the story and Chris wants venture, quest and go up against other players. This should make for an interesting combination.

It was also reiterated that you don’t have to participate in the PvP action if you don’t want. You’re character can be flagged as such and you won’t participate in that aspect of the game. I like the idea of being able to switch between the modes and concentrate on the quests if that’s what you want to do.

Also, there would be no game penalty for playing either style. You won’t miss out on quests and you won’t be forced into the other game modes. It might be suggested along the way, such as the Contraband quest that Richard has mentioned, but it’s totally up to you.

The Offline mode of the game was brought up again. If you start as on Offline player you will need to remain that way for the duration of the game. You can connect for updates, but you won’t be interacting with the world. However, you can be Offline for periods of time and still play the game. Those changes will be checked and then merged into the system. This way you can still play while traveling or if you happen to lose an Internet connection for a time.

“B” also made it sound like the weapons of the game will primarily come from vendors and crafting. You won’t go on a quest and find magic loot buried in a game. There won’t be some pristine weapon just waiting to be discovered. I like that aspect. In Diablo you spent massive amounts of time doing “runs” to try and find magic items with massive hits points or pieces that completed a magic set. Will those runs were fun for a time and it was pretty spectacular when you completed a high level set, if you weren’t in a high level party it became pretty damn boring. That part of the solo game was mind numbing. It would be nice to side step that and have powerful items (if there will be such a thing) come from vendors and from your own ability to make weapons. As you make weapons you will continue to improve. I think that makes a little more sense that Mephisto shooting out weapons and armor from who knows where after you smite him.

In many ways this was refining the aspects of the game we’ve heard about before. Many of the story elements are still being fleshed out, the Hirelings will be pretty simplistic in the first episode with more depth and actions coming as the game develops, the End Game may not actually be available until the game truly goes live and there will be a future Dev Hangout with Tracy Hickman to go over story details and perhaps hint at some of the backstory.

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