Tune in for the weekly Dev Chat tomorrow at 11AM CST. A topic hasn’t been announced, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing news about the previously announced German translation and I bet there will be information about the new SotA store. We seem to be running just a touch behind on that one. This may be more of an open forum since we can submit questions through Google in the Chat Room.

Update – The rumor is Chris will be talking about some cool new housing tech, so you’ll definitely want to catch this one if you can.

Since we’re getting close to the end of the month there should be some news about the end of the month build. Will we have a working model of the crafting engine? I’m sure we’re getting close to a new demo, which will be very exciting to see. And May should also be the start of the Tier based Developer Chats so hopefully we will hear something about that.

Keep in mind for next week that the Dev Hangout will be on Tuesday and the Art Hour with Stephen will switch to Thursday. Lots of new stuff coming! I’m excited to hear the new Dev Hangout.

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