In celebration of the thirteenth annual Quo Vadis German game conference, Portalarium announces that German will be the first non-English language supported by Shroud of the Avatar!

There is also the new Edelmann Tier, which will be unique to German players. You can read more news here.

This German beer crafting certainly has my interest. Hopefully we all get the benefit of this one 🙂 I wonder what special abilities it will give me?

a special ability to brew (and teach) a unique German beer that adheres to the Reinheitsgebot, or “German Beer Purity Law” of 1516.

And because of the Quo Vadis conference, there is yet another Grace Period for the Kickstarter Pledges. You can still jump on board and get these offerings once last time before they disappear. It’s been nearly three weeks since the Pledge Drive ended so this is MORE than generous. For all those people that said they wanted to donate, but couldn’t hand over all the cash at once, this makes for at least three paychecks since the start. It’s time to jump on board! Things are happening and it would be a damn shame to get left behind! The team is committed, we’re committed, you could jump on in!

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