From the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook Page, Dallas Snell has a few words of encouragement for the early backers of Shroud of the Avatar.

Hey Everyone – Dallas “Gorn” Snell here, Executive Producer for SotA. The team has been discussing the very important issues that have surfaced since we published the latest update. Richard has been linked in to these discussions even though it is 2:00 am in Berlin where he is a keynote speaker at the Quo Vadis Game Conference. We greatly value all of you, the early Kickstarter backers, that have made it possible for us create Shroud of the Avatar! And as befits your early-backer stakeholder value to this project, all backers during the 30 day campaign that concluded on April 7 will have priority property selection over any and all backers that came after April 7. Additionally, all tiers above the new Edelmann tier (Knights, Barons, etc.) will inherit the rewards from both the Edelmann tier and the Citizen tier! All of you that backed us during the Kickstarter campaign are the VIP’s making this game possible, and we can never thank you enough! You have our deepest, heartfelt appreciation for your support, and ongoing collaboration to make Shroud of the Avatar the best game it can be!

Dallas Snell on the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook page

If I read this correctly, it looks like I can actually make beer! The benefits of the new Edelmann Tier will be available to those who pledged at a higher level. This is good news! I thought we might be excluded there for a minute. Our friends at SotA are taking care of us.

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