So amidst some Internet connectivity issues, Chris and B were able to get the Dev Chat up and running and went over some of the upcoming game elements.

One of the new things will be the ability to share a house. You can add people to your deed and they will be able to store items in your house as well as use your crafting station. There will also be a “Kindred” or “Family” level that gives them access to more secure locations of your house (storage and vault). This might allow people to rent out their crafting table or create an Inn.

The number of people who can share a house will be dependent on the size so a Knight can share more than a Citizen and a Lord of the Manor more than a Knight.

There was also the hint that people could own multiple properties. I want to be a slum lord and own Baltic Avenue and Mediterranean Ave. I’m still waiting to hear how much a house will actually cost. Is it “One Million Dollars!!!”

Chris also discussed the idea of dropped items. They will disappear over time, but until they do they can be picked up by anyone. This will be different from decorations which will stick around in game. You can make items decoration by placing them on certain structures such as pedestals.

Finally, you will have to log in and pay the upkeep/taxes on your house. Kickstarter houses won’t be subject to this in the normal way. If a house becomes abandoned the property can be resold. You will probably need to log in every couple of months.

Guilds were brought up and the number of them per city/town will be limited. You may have to tithe/bribe the city to let you build a Guild House. A Guild House will have shared storage and a vault that can be used by all members. They may be attackable by other players, but that hasn’t been worked out yet. A Guild will need to have at least 5 members and buy a charter. The Charter will be in the possession of the Guild Leader. And the leader can designate ranks so that people can get titles or it can be used to separate crafters from warriors. Most of the Guild rules haven’t been worked out since they want the players to control them. I’m still not entirely sure I understand this Guild thing.

One of the main Sandbox items will be books. This can be used to log events such as people visiting your house or putting items into a chest.

As far as chests go, they can be used for storage or they can be one way chests such as you put gold into it and that gold is logged. It may also be that chests only let you take things out such as books or sheets of paper. Chris explained that your could play “Werewolf” in this manner.

Some of this sounds like the Syndicate idea from Crime City, which I play on my iPad. You put in resources to the Guild so you can make big purchases. I’m not sure what you would do with that in SotA, but the concept seems familiar.

It’s also going to be possible to password protect a chest so only you can get to the contents. Chris and B also hinted at the idea of using this scheme for scavenger/treasure hunts.

They also talked about the idea of “campfires”. You can sit around a campfire and other players can enter this “scene”. This can be players looking to build an adventure party or it might be for a Bard to simply tell a tale. It might also be used by the PvP players as an ambush. could be a good thing, could be a trap, who knows…

They also threw in a couple of random notes:

Still working on dev forums. There is a new guy coming in to help with WordPress dev tasks.

Initial release will be single player to check for specific functionality and get feedback from players.

The story is being handled by Tracy and Richard and they may reveal more on Tuesday when Richard is back in town from Germany for the Dev chat.

Kickstarter members will continue to get new rewards as we move forward. Also people in Kickstarter will get higher priority than those who pledge later. There were some disgruntled folks in regards to Edelmann Tier. Would people at the Knight level not get any of those rewards? Dallas has stated that anything added to your pledge tier or the tier below will be included for people who pledged during the Kickstarter campaign.

They are still working on the Fog of War video, but since the video doesn’t contain the real game video elements they want to hold off showing it. It would have demo graphics not the real SotA graphics (like the graveyard scene) and that didn’t go over so well last time.

The team is moving offices over the weekend so they will be a little slow to respond to chats, forum posts and email. Based on today’s events, the Internet will go down. Ain’t Time Warner cool?

Chris and B did state there would be no global auction house, you need to visit local vendors and support local crafters. They might come up with a way to check prices around the region, but that will need to be worked out.

Functionality of House servants hasn’t quite been decided yet, but at the very least you will have a digital pet to come home to. I wonder if you have to feed them and will they make a mess in the corner if you don’t log in for a week?

There is also some “secret” game element they will reveal when Richard gets back from Germany. He didn’t give them approval so they can say anything. I wonder what that could be?

I think the most interesting aspects were the fact that those of us who pledged during the Kickstarter campaign will still continue to receive rewards for our Tier level since we are the main ones that got the project going. I love the idea of being able to put more into my pledge, but I and many others took the initial gamble and rolled big to make sure this game got built right from the get-go. I hope we get a little something extra for the effort we put in.

I also like the idea of owning multiple properties. I assume there would be cap. It would be a damn shame for a group of players to pool all their resources and control all the land in a district. This ain’t Monopoly!!

But anyway, lots of neat things coming as well as a new demo before the month is over. I’m curious to see the crafting and how that will work. Do you think they beefed up the Minecraft method?

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