Richard, who was visiting the German capital Berlin to speak about Game Industry on the Quo Vadis, had some interesting toughts about Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa, Shroud of the Avatar, Free2Play and – surprise! – Plants vs. Zombies

Richard talks about his favorite Ultima game and what they’ve taught him, he discusses his relationship with EA and how there is a small window of time when small companies (like Blizzard, Zynga) can get a jump on larger companies and carve out a niche, he goes over the Kickstarter campaign and what he’s learned, they discuss Free2Play and physical goods for games, they go over his dislike for “freemium” style games, they talk about the Unity tools and why he likes them, crowd-sourced content and the possibility of making Shroud of the Avatar available for mobile devices especially the iPad and iOS.

A fair bit of this information has come up before from the many interviews Richard has done, but it still has some nice insights to listen to.–richard-garriot_5225/

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