From a Forum post by FireLotus the SotA is in the final QA testing phase to make sure that PayPal payments are working correctly. We should see the store up and running this month. Also, once the store is complete there will be a new Tier structure in place. The original Kickstarter offerings will disappear for good. They’ve been lingering out there for quite some time haven’t they? Smile

The Dev Forums should also come live this month. This will be the private developer forums to discuss the inner workings of the game and for those who pledged to start offering feedback and get involved in the discussions. FireLotus mentions a Forum upgrade so who knows if that just means an additional section or if as new system will be put in place. Quite a few people feel unsatisfied with the current Forum which is a plugin for WordPress. It may not be the most sophisticated system and there is dedicated software, but a whole new Forum would mean all new logins and separate username and password combos. Not that big of a deal, but SotA may be trying to keep it all under one roof. And besides, the Forum isn’t that bad. It’s handled a few thousand messages so far…

The new store is currently in QA testing and we hope to have all the bugs squashed soon! The last kink we are working out is some compatibility issues with PayPal and the payment plan options. We are planning to release the new tier structure when the new store is implemented.

Developer Forums should be in place sometime this month, as we have just added a very talented Web specialist to the team. His initial tasks will include forum upgrades and getting the developer forums up and running.

Update on the SotA store and Dev Forums

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