Don’t forget, this Tuesday at 3PM CST, Stephen Daniele will host the weekly Pen of the Avatar series. Last week we went over a few of his drawings and seen and “layered” in Photoshop. We also got a list of the many book references that Stephen uses for his work. And finally, Stephen began work on a new Dragon sketch. Whether or not this dragon makes it way into the game remains to be seen, but that’s not really the point is it?

The actual topic for this sessions remains to be seen, but there was talk of getting hooked up to watch Stephen take one of his Sharpie drawings and breathe life into it with color. The last session did have has computer hooked up so it’s a possibility.

Either way, it’s a great time watching Stephen show off his craft while answering questions about his process and the game. He is very entertaining and the sessions are always educational.

Check out the Shroud of the Avatar site 15 minutes or so before the start of the program to grab the link or you can check out the Portalarium YouTube channel where it will magically appear.

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