For this episode of Pen of the Avatar, Stephen moves away from architectural drawings and gives us something more in line with a Fantasy Role Playing Game – The Wizard. Stephen put together two drawings, one of a offensive wizard and one of a defensive wizard. This gave us and Stephen to see the shape psychology in action. Both were similar in structure but by using the hard angles on one and the softer shapes on the other he was able to show how the shape changed your opinion of the character.


The part I found truly fascinating was the way he made a very basic outline using oblong shapes then with that as a template, layered another sheet of paper over it and began to draw in detail. Then the third sheet comes in and more detail is layered on. It’s a fascinating process to watch. It sort of reminded me of drawings I’ve seen done by Picasso where he shows this magnificently bull, then it regresses backward to show the general shape of the bull then an almost stick figure drawing of it. It’s a very interesting study on drawing.


But nonetheless, it was a very quick hour and I have the say the “squeak” or “swoosh” of the Sharpie is quite an entrancing sound.

I have to say one thing though, the amount of complaining that people do in regards to these broadcasts is a little disappointing. Stephen and Gina are taking time out of what I can only assume is an incredible hectic schedule to set this up for us and people seem to nitpick. They complain about the quality, the angle, they keep asking the same questions over and over again and seem to be focused on everything but watching Stephen show off the craft of putting concept art for a game together.

Anyway, I thought this was a really interesting session (if that’s the right word). It’s intriguing to watch those spiky, blocky shapes become the foundation of a much more complex piece. Thank you Stephen and Gina for putting in the time and effort for these broadcasts.

If you missed the broadcast like I did and watch to catch up, you can get to it from here:

Pen of the Avatar – 5/14/2013

And coming up Thursday is a Dev Hangout with Chris Spears where he’ll talk about some of the private developer chats and might even show off some tech from the game itself. A time hasn’t been scheduled, but it will be sometime tomorrow.

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