The Dev Gangout with Chris Spears and the gang will happen at 4PM CST instead of the normal 3PM. Not sure of the topic, but since we are in to another month I’m sure there is plenty of news to shAre with us. Looking forward to it! No link so just keep refreshing the page.

Update: The link is now available on the SotA site and one of the topics is to introduce some of the new Devs they brought in to help with the game. Should be cool!

A couple of quick highlights

Chris introduced some new guys to the dev team.

The new private forums should be up by the end of the month. They’ll be using new forum software.

New guidelines will be introduced so people can develop game art for Shroud of the Avatar.

Some new working models should also be available by the end of the month.

Chris and the team are very anxious to get feedback on the new features they’ve implemented.

Richard should be back next week so more than likely Stephen will be bumped so they can have a dev chat in that timeslot. Then again they might have two dev chats in the same day.

They are still looking into the consequences of acting evilmwithin the game.

PVP is still only going to be available to players who want to participate. We keep going over this same topic for some reason.

There was no mention of the new SOTA store. I guess that is still in the works as well as the new layaway system or when the Kickstarter Project officially comes to an end.

Richard and Tracy should be giving out more story details for the next dev chat.

The actual size of the house plot is still under consideration.

And they’re making refinements to the combat system. You should be able to double wield weapons.

Overall there’s a lot of neat stuff coming. We should have some working models before the end of the month and the part I’m excited about is we should be able to start participating in the private dev forums. I think once we hit that we should see some very rapid development as well as a lot of information they’re not willing to give out to the general public.

There were some audio and video glitches, but overall it was still pretty interesting.

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