Based on what I’m reading in the forums and in the chats I have a very different idea of what anRPG should be. The hottest topic of conversion is PvP and PK, with very little discussion or perhaps even interest in the story aspect. I keep seeing questions on looting houses, stealing from NPCs, laying siege to other player’s homes, looting corpses and the like. I’m not really sure how that’s actually fun and shows a difference between those of us from the single player Ultima days and those from UO.

To me it’s about the story, the quests, the puzzles and the exploration. I’m not sure I understand the interest in these other events, but it seems we’re playing two,different games here. I did appreciate hearing that Richard is story driven and wants to make a single player game with multiplayer functionality. I really hope SotA is more like the original the Ultima of days gone by and doesn’t focus exclusively on looting and pillaging, that would be disappointing.

I guess I just don’t understand this new style of RPG or MMO. Seems to lack a little fun and originality, no?

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