The SotA site has just revealed the new tier names and the new tier prices. The prices will indeed go up and the benefits, while good, won’t be the same as the Kickstarter Project (as it should be). For example, Cloaks, Special Weapons, Waterfront Lighthouses, Servants, Crafting Stations and Certain Unique Pieces of Furniture won’t be available after May 20. To be honest, this is MORE THAN FAIR. It’s been well over a month since the end of the pledge drive, which is plenty of time for people to raid the cushions and find extra cash to invest in this game. Honestly, the cut off should have been weeks ago. I know there are dozens of people who pledged beyond what they could afford to make sure we hit the $2 million mark. We upped our pledge, then upped it again during those last 24 hours. While I’m glad people can still join in, in some respects people are getting a free ride on our coattails. We sacrificed during the time crunch not knowing if the pledge drive would be extended.

The new tiers will go live at 12 pm CST on Monday, May 20, 2013.  The prices for the tiers have increased an average of about 10%, but all backers that have pledged any amount prior to the end of the grace period will be able to upgrade their pledges thru April 7, 2014 at the old, lower prices! So if you haven’t already pledged, then hurry up and get your pledge in before the end of the grace period so you can lock in the lower prices for your future tier upgrades!

Grace Period Ends at 12 pm CST on May 20th; Early Backers Lock-In Lower Tier Prices

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