Today’s Dev Hangout will be with Stephen Daniele as he hosts another episode of Pen of the Avatar. Last week Stephen created two different kinds of magic users and began to design the clothing for each. It was a study in how the clothes and the angles make a big difference in the appearance of a character. We’ll need to tune in today to see what Stephen ha in store for us. There was some talk of a Dev Chat with Chris and Richard, but that should stick with he regular schedule of Thursday.

Head over to the Shroud of the Avatar site about 15 minutes before the how to grab the link. You can also grab it from the chat window.

Update: Stephen had some encouraging words about art. It’s to the effect of never look at a blank page. Start drawing. Keep moving. Makes mistakes and learn from them, but don’t start at a blank page. Make something happen. And when it comes to Sharpie and permanent marker, Stephen says it makes him commit to a decision. Again, make that mistake, learn from it and up your game.

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