If you remember a little while ago there was a request to make some fan fiction based on this concept drawing of the Underworld by Stephen Daniele. It was a large and rather picturesque scene of a mountainous cavern with flowing water and large spires jutting from the ceiling and floor. What was this place? How did the adventurers get here and where are they going? Is this place riddled with danger or loaded with treasures?

Well, now you can read about some of these adventures in the Tales of the Underworld series. Since there were so many exciting and worthwhile entries, Firelotus will post the top five over the next few days.

Tune in and check out what stories are coming to light about this new world we call New Britannia.

The Warrior and the Flower
Krelm and the Underworld
The Expedition
The Cavern
A Forgotten Secret

All the entries can be found in the forum by following this link:

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