It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if the schedule holds we should see a Dev Chat today at 3PM. I believe Chris and Richard might show off some game elements or at the very least give more insight on the private Dev Forums, when we can expect to see some prototype game models, how the story is progressing, the new Tiers and maybe, just maybe, some details about a SotA store.

The gang has had some technical glitches as of late, let’s hope they don’t crop up for this one. You can find the link below.

Dev Chat with Richard, Tracy and Chris

I wasn’t able to catch the Dev Hangout live, but I just finished the recording. Lots of really neat information in this one regarding story, game mechanics, upcoming demos, the full length novel from Tracy, housing and even a couple of informal polls put out by Lord British to gauge people’s reactions. I know it’s been said before, but it really does look like the Private Developer Forums will be launching soon and working models of the game should be available in a couple of weeks. It sounds like they have a ton going on and will start to stitch the pieces together soon.

Here are a couple of quick highlights of the chat and some upcoming events.

  • Lord British would like to show off the “Stand Up” meetings where the Devs can tell what they worked on yesterday and what they plan to do today.
  • Backstory is around 100 pages so far
  • Chris is looking at the map to try and find locations they can make prime real estate for players. For example, they want to make areas where they can put castles or small villages.
  • In regards to the backstory they want to get with the high level investors in the game and Incorporate stories from their lives into the game. People who pledged at the Lord of the Manor level will be real characters in the game.
  • The novel will be serialized, perhaps a chapter a week starting in July. It may start as soon as July 18.
  • The serialized novel will be about 60k to 80k words, a full length novel. Should be a hardback collectors edition :). He even alluded to the complete novel being done by the end of the year. Richard was happy with that since he wanted to release some sort of working model of the game before the end of the year. We might get to play Shroud of the Avatar as a Christmas present.
  • Chris and Richard want to demo the game at Rooster Teeth. They plan to have crafting, houses, decorations and some combat available to demo
  • A question was asked about the class schism between the rich and the poor. Tracy explained that some areas will have classes while other areas will be more blended and community oriented. People will be treated differently depending on where you are.
  • Tracy also explained the Avatar may be more welcomed in some areas than others. The Avatar has become the stuff of legend and lore and that isn’t always a good thing.
  • User submitted art should be allowed within 2 weeks. Should have a working model of a house so artists can place their sample artwork on the wall and give it appropriate lighting to see how it looks.
  • NPC Familiarity – Treat NPCs poorly, they will eventually ignore you. NPCs can remember and welcome you.
  • There will be a mythology of the game. That is Tracy’s passion and the part he is working on.
  • There will be familiar creatures from other games, stories, etc. Richard didn’t give away what they would be, but he won’t rename a hobbit to a bobbit just to disguise it.
  • Lord British had a poll for the audience – He wants to get rid of the HP graph bars that we’re all so used to and replace them with damage visuals. The graph allows you to calculate a win and he wants to push that aside. As the monster is hit it will bleed more, it will stumble and limp, it will try to hobble away. Richard wants to make you “feel” your way through the game, not calculate your way through. In the words of Tracy, “It should be a game, not a job.”
  • Quick shot of the map of the world with city names. Freeze frame that and maybe you can see city names of the new world.
  • Chris wants to share some design documents and screenshots of the game. He’d like for people to know what goes into making the game mechanics and considerations for how objects work. For example, how should objects work when stacked? If you don’t pay attention you can make a bridge with them and that’s not what they want.
  • And lest we forget, we got to meet Mojito, Chris’ little Greyhound.

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