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Shroud of the Avatar Dev Hangout ~ 5.31.13

For this weeks Dev Chat, Richard and Chris brought in a couple of the other guys to help answer multiple questions about housing and how instances would work. What type of players will you see and what will happen when everyone comes to FireLotus’ Tavern or Lord British’s Castle?

– The size of the world has been doubled, so there is work to make this scale back to the map.

– There will be mixed housing so a Village can have village houses, town houses and city houses all in the same place. There will be prominent spots, such as mountain tops available to City houses. This should make a nice mix.

– Chris showed off some of the houses. Within each level there will be multiple styles to choose from. The houses will be different sizes and take up a different amount of space on the lot.

– Players can upgrade from one lot to another. Kickstarter backers can also upgrade to a larger lot and maintain their rent-free status.

– A village house is roughly one main room. A town house will have at least two main rooms. And a city house will be multiple main rooms.

– Richard talked about how adventures would work. These will be around 5 minutes to 60 minutes in length, will features quests, puzzles and hidden areas. There may be limited combat or it may be ambush style. Each area will be different with more than one way to “win” so you can replay the level and discover more.

– Richard would also like for each playable area to have it’s own “secret place”. It may be it’s own hidden area, catacomb, cavern, etc. There should be something to discover in each place.

– You can decorate your house, but not customize the floor plan. No knocking down walls.

– There will be plenty of non-traditional housing to choose from. There will be “themes” of housing you can choose from.

– People will be able to use your Crafting Station, but it will not be available to the public.

– The multiplayer aspect is still under construction. For example, if everyone goes to Lord British’s Castle or Firelotus’ Tavern, what people will you see and will they see you? They certainly plan for large groups to gather so they are working on how this will work. To start with you will see your friends, then friends of friends, then people of a same level or some other attribute that binds you together. The area will be “full” but not necessarily with the 10,000 people who might really be there.

– Your NCP, such as a vendor will be seen by everyone and can interact with every instance of the game.

– People in the same guild will be able to live near each other.

– Character appearance will be changeable as they add more “features”. Once the game is totally live that may be more difficult.

– Getting drunk will not make you tougher (despite what you think), but Chris did elude to warping the screen so it’s hard to move and walk.

– Mod tools are on the way. They can’t say which ones they’re supporting, but they’re coming.

– The Dev Forums are nearly done. They’re soft testing right now and invites will be going out shortly.

– Payment system is in internal testing and will be available shortly.

– Game demos will be help off until Rooster Teeth, July 5-7. Richard has made a commitment to demo game elements at this event.

It was neat to see some of the city layouts and hear how housing will be mixed together. Richard is very focused on making sure that housing and city layout fit with the story. They should function like real towns with commerce in the center and houses surrounding the outside.

We have a bit more time to wait before we can see an playable demos, but it sounds like crafting, combat, conversation, housing and decorating will all come at once. When it does hit, we should have a LOT to see and talk about.

I’m really looking forward to the Dev Forums and getting even more insight on how the game will unfold. Whether or not that is information that can be shared, we’ll have to see.

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