Stephen has a special guest for this episode, Bob Cooksey, who I apparently missed during the Kickstarter campaign.

Stephen and Bob showed off some of the completed artwork they done, including the FireLotus Tavern, a Temple or Shrine, some additional housing, government buildings, and some game characters complete with different styles of dress.

FireLotus joined from Alaska via the creepy looking robot that looked over Stephen’s shoulder like an overlord.

There was also a very nice Shroud of the Avatar mosaic put together by SotA fan Alan Cook. And he’s not messing around either. It’s a 2×7 board with hundreds of tiles and nice vibrant colors. He actually got to deliver it in person and Stephen wasted no time in showing it off looking for a place to hang it.

I have to admit, I’m so jealous of these guys! Out of nowhere, Stephen pulls out a bottle of Maker’s Mark and fills a mug for himself and Bob. In his words, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” At least these guys pull out the good stuff. I want to work at a place like that and with cool people like this. What would it take to get to Austin and work on this time? I got skills. I can do stuff!

Once again, it was very entertaining and we got to see some really cool buildings.

The FireLotus Tavern. Looks pretty sweet.

Some new buildings including government center, windmill and stable

Character decked out in full garb and armor. Based on the layers, he probably weighs 500 pounds now.

A very cool mosaic put together by Alan Cook

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, break out the bourbon!

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