Big news is at hand! The Private Developer Forums are going live! You’ll have to link to them directly for now until they update the site and convert everyone over to the new system. Click the link below and if you’re eligible for the new Develop Level Forums, they should be viewable.

The Layaway plan is close at hand! Testing is being done so it should be available pretty soon. This way you can keep pledging to the game and increasing your level of support.

Amazon payments – Amazon Payments is now available as a payment option for pledges in addition to PayPal and credit cards.

New Team Members – Several new, incredibly talented artists have joined the team. Isaac Oster, Bren Wilson, and Geoff Mellon. Maybe we will see them on the Thursday Dev Chat.

You can check out the full update here – Update of the Avatar – 06/04/13: Private Developer Forums, Amazon Payments, & New Team Members!

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