The new Monthly Payment Plan is now Live! Once you log into your account you will see a new option for Monthly Payments on the right hand side, just above the Pledge button. You are shown your current level, the next level you wish to achieve and how much you need to pledge per month to make that goal. Pretty sweet! There will be a small transaction fee, but hey, that’s par for the course.

New Forums, Developer’s Blog and Developer+ Forums

A whole slew of new forums are up and running. The private Developer’s Blog is in place, which will include the daily stand up meeting notes. Now we should really get an inside track and see the game develop.

Also, for those who pledged at the Developer Level, the new Member’s Only forum is up and running. There should be a lot of action in here!

New Team Bios!

When the project first began it was a small team, mainly Richard, Chris, B, Stephen, Loren and Gina. But now, the team has grown and not everyone gets camera time. Check out the link to see who’s new and what they’re responsible for.

SotA Developers page

You can all the details from the Kickstarter Project Update #31 – Check it out here! View this update on Kickstarter

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

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