The game is full speed ahead to get as much working as possible for the Rooster Teeth demo that’s right around the corner. A lot of work has been done in the UI to make it as minimal yet functional as possible.

Richard showed off the “New Britannia Runic” alphabet.

Scott was able to show off a screenshot of the UI, the players backpack, spell books and bag. Items can be placed in the bag manually so you can arrange them or it will snap to a grid so you can just stuff them in there. Many different types of bags such as the “bag of holding”, potion bags that can hold many, many potions and bags that cold hold more items that the size would suggest. Oddly, there will space allotted for putting the bone chair, dead bodies and other large items into bags.

There is still more work going on with the outdoor world to make sure it looks good and work correctly with the increased size.

Trade between characters will be the traditional process where both players offer up their items and each has to agree to the trade. However, you can throw items on the ground and anyone can pick those up. However you won’t be able to throw items just yet, but the engine is there for future expansion. Interestingly, for each action the Devs are thinking how players will abuse and grief the technology. It’s sort of sad so much time and energy has to go into preventing players from acting like assholes.

Unfortunately the Dev Chat was cut short due to some technical difficulties. But it sounds like some neat stuff is coming and there will be a lot more to see after the Rooster Teeth demo. The main thing is the UI will be quick and clean. There won’t be the usual Orbs of Health and Mana in the corner of the screen. Most of the screen will be clear so you can see what’s coming to try and kill you. I like the clean the look. It should make for an interesting time. There are still lots of details to work out, so I’m sure plenty of this will change as we go along.

Chris and Richard talked about looting bodies and putting things in the inventory. Interesting, it “auto loots” now, but Richard isn’t a fan of that sort of thing. He wants players to pick and choose items and things shouldn’t end up in the inventory without the player putting it there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who wins that argument. Once thing I did hear many times is that the game will work “both ways”, meaning you can do thing automatically or you can go through the process manually. I’m not sure I’m a fan of that. Seems like a lot of extra effort and redundant work. I guess they’re trying to please everyone, but do they really need to spend cycles like that?

Anyway, even though it was short there was some interesting information and some neat screenshots. I can’t wait for this Rooster Thing to be over so we can see some working demos!




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