If you’ve listened to previous chats or read some of the threads, you’ve certainly heard of the Minecraft Server put together by Holt Ironfell.

Their goal is to make a SotA inspired Minecraft world. It sounds very neat and I would love to participate, but my ability to create in Minecraft is worse than my ability to make stick figures. Oh, I have passion, but sadly I lack skill. Even in a block world, my ability to make square objects is lacking.

But anyway, Holt Ironfell and others have been busy crafting their world. Chris and B have both paid them a visit and say it’s pretty impressive. Anyone can join in, you just need to sign up for the Poet’s Circle Newsletter. This keeps out the riff raff. From this screenshot it looks pretty impressive!

Check out the full description on the SotA site.


Community Spotlight ~ Poet’s Circle and Blocks of the Avatar: A MINECRAFT server dedicated to SotA

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