If you don’t have the complete Ultima series yet, you have another opportunity to grab it for an incredibly cheap price. You can get the entire Ultima collection, which includes Ultima 1-9 and the Ultima Underworld series for 75% off. That’s all 11 games for a mere $8.96. I don’t think you can argue this genre changing series for less than $10. This includes the incredible Ultima 3 and 4, as well as the Ultima 7 and even Ultima 7. I haven’t played several games in this series and thought it was a great deal when it was $14. This is even less!

See how the whole series started and unlock the mysteries of the Virtues, discover the Shrines, meet Iolo, Dupree and Shimano and see how it all begin and be reminded of how it all ended. Shroud of the Avatar may not be the sequel to this series, but it certainly has it’s roots in this series.

Complete Ultima Series at GOG.com

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