Richard and the rest of the gang gave another demo of the working model of the actual Shroud of the Avatar game. In many ways this was the same demo (albeit much choppier output) as we saw for the Rooster Teeth demo. Chris took a trip around the world, chopped down a tree, went to the crafting table to make some chairs, wandered around his house, talked with the bartender to show off the conversation system and went down into the dungeon to meet his fate with the Lich.

Richard also introduced Starr Long, the newest member of the team.

Along with the game the team also showed a couple internal pieces of the game which included how the recipes for crafting are added into the system and how the conversation system work.

For the recipes, they are able to add an infinite variety by linking together the item, the quantity and the result. In the demo it looks like a small flowchart which is very neat. They can pretty much add anything to the system.

The conversation system is also extremely flexible and expandable. For example, they took multiple ways to say hello and let the system recognize that. From there they can program multiple responses and ways of input. This will make it easy to expand and let multiple characters understand the same greetings.

There were a couple of questions such as the depletion of resources within the game. If you are both in the same shard, then yes, players can deplete the resources, but they will respawn. If you aren’t in the same shard it won’t have an effect.

Levels will be very flat. It’s more of a basis for how many skill points are available. Again, Richard doesn’t want to be the focus of metrics.

Chris also showed off the “dungeon editor” and how maps are put together.

Stephen showed off some new creatures that might make their way into the game.

Overall, pretty fun stuff. If you saw RTX, this is somewhat similar, but it’s always fun to see the game in action!

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