Richard and team posted a condensed 11 minute HD video of the Shroud of the Avatar game play. And as stated below, this is the real game. This isn’t a mock up just for the demo. This is the real deal and from what I can read into this, they will continue to build on this to complete the game. This is the game engine right here! Smile

If you watched the previous Rooster Teeth demo, this is similar information, but it’s always good to watch it again and see the future of the game unfold. I especially like the natural language way of interacting with characters. I think that is going to be incredibly fun (perhaps frustrating) to work with!

We created an 11 minute, high-def video of the progress we’ve made on Shroud of the Avatar during the past three months. This video was made from a fully-functional prototype of the game, downloading, patching, and running as a desktop client on our office PC’s! Richard Garriott’s demo of the game at RTX 2013 event on July 6th was our milestone date to have several of the core game mechanics working together, with new artwork from our growing art team! This is not a throw-away prototype, hacked together for demo purposes, but is a fully functional, early version of the game!

Lord British narrates the demo, walking you through all the game features, explaining design concepts and level of progress for each feature. It includes:

  • Overland travel
  • Exploring Towns
  • Exploring Dungeons
  • Harvesting Resources
  • Crafting & Recipes
  • Inventory Bags
  • Character Paperdoll
  • Decorating Your House (a Knight’s Keep)
  • Full Sentence Conversations
  • Rudimentary Combat

For the sake of brevity, travel shortcuts were used to expedite movement from area to area. Keep in mind that we are still very, very early in our development and our visuals, lighting, SFX, and combat are in still in their embryonic phase. We encourage you to set the playback quality to HD, switch to full-screen mode, and enjoy this demonstration of Shroud of the Avatar, narrated by Lord British!

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