For this hour Stephen worked on the Darkstarr Metronome taking into account several different styles. He started with a couple of reference pieces including a metronome made by Da Vinci. Yeah, who knew that guy would have a metronome in his stable of genius ideas.

After a couple of tries, Stephen went with the Death motif since this has to do with time passing. And at the end of time it will be Death who waits. With that in mind he went on to create the metronome with a scythe that would keep the beat.

It was then suggested that the “scale” be turned into a spine. Without missing a beat Stephen made it happen.

For the final touches he gave it a stone feel and added some polished copper elements. This isn’t quite the finished piece as the scythe needs to be added back in and there should be a scroll at the bottom. But wow, check out what he was able to do in the time allotted.

The size might be as large as a grandfather clock. Which, if that’s the case will look sweet as hell in my house! That is until the beat stops. Then there could be some trouble.

I think it looks great! And I’m pretty excited to be getting one. Remember, pledge to the Citizen level before July 31st to get yours!!

 image imageimage image

image image

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