As always, Stephen is diligently working away on the art for Shroud of the Avatar. While we slumbered, he kept working on the Darkstarr Metronome giving it the final touches and adding all sorts of detail and flourish. If you remember, Stephen wanted the scythe to be part of the movement and it was suggested to have the scale be a spine. Stephen took all that into account and came up with this:

This is the final approved DarkStarr Metronome concept art. I changed the materials to a hard cherry wood finish for the cabinet with brass trim to be more Grandfather clock like. The scythe blade folds down into the cabinet. The skeletal right hand holding the scythe is attached to the pole and there is a second right hand for decoration on the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed.


Wow, what a stunningly cool piece of work! It looks amazing! I wish we could have seen all the work that went into the final piece, but Stephen can’t spend all his time entertaining us. There’s actually a game to be made here.

From the description this will be Grandfather Clock sized so it will make an awesome piece for a house. And don’t forget, this is an exclusive item that you can only get by backing the game at the Citizen or higher level. I don’t believe this is something you’ll be able to get in the actual game. Maybe you will, but I bet it would be insanely hard to come by. You need to pledge by July 31st to get one. Good thing I pledged during the Kickstarter campaign. I’ll just add this to my collection of loot.

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Exclusive Darkstarr Metronome. Get yours before they’re gone!

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