Well, we all knew it would happen and now it’s finally here. There seems to be a lot of new “Ultima” games coming out since word began of a new Shroud of the Avatar. There was the online version and now we have an iPad version. Honestly, when the iPad first came out and I saw all the remakes of classic games coming out, I wished Electronic Arts would pull together and release the Ultima series. They have all the assets and it’s one of the most recognized games out there, so why not? Well, I guess that’s not their style for now, but they have released their own take on an Ultima game – Ultima Forever.

The Black Weep is plaguing the citizens of Britannia and you are tasked with finding the source and destroying it. But you need to stay true to your course as the Virtues still guide you through life. The games features combat filled dungeons, treasures, NPCs and multiplayer. In fact it’s got all the features would expect in a desktop game.

It’s been available outside the US for a little while now, specifically Canada where they soft launched it a month of so ago. No conspiracy theory, they do this for a limited release to make sure everything is working and they need real players. You don’t have the same “beta” platform on the iPad.

But anyway, here it is and while it looks quite stunning and it sound very exciting, the reviews are coming in as mixed. It’s a “free” game, but we all know what that means. In order to progress you have to put up cash for something and in this case it’s keys. Keys open treasure chests and the better the keys the better the prize. I really wish developers would just charge us a reasonable price for the game and move on. I hate this in-app purchase business.

But anyway, the game looks very neat and it supports multiple people in a single party so you can actually go on a quest with friends. “Quests with Friends”, sounds like a good game title. Someone should work on that.

One of the main things I’ve read is the game is quite entertaining, but you do feel like EA is trying to squeeze you for cash. Most likely because they are. I haven’t played this one yet, but it is downloading. And what a download it is, 880MB. That’s very large for an iPad game. Most of the games I play come in well under 100MB if they even get that high.

I’m all for spending a couple dollars on a quality game. But that’s where I want it to end. Once I’ve handed over some cash leave me alone and let me play. Let’s see where Ultima Forever fits into this. I can’t help myself, I have to give it a try.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar

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