There’s a lot going on with Shroud of the Avatar including a new female character. If you’ve been watching, Stephen and Isaac have been building this character over the past few Pen of the Avatar sessions. It’s been pretty cool to watch it develop and now you can see it in action. There is a new video of her shooting a bow and arrow.



The Pledge drive continues to try and recruit more backers. The goal is to double the community size to 50,000 before May 2014. Everyone can help and there are prizes and rewards for the effort.

And this sounds interesting:

The $10,000 Challenge of the Avatar: 48-Hour Scene Creation Jam!

At 6PM CST on a Friday we will announce the details of the challenge for the weekend. We will post a link to a YouTube video and documents revealing the details of the challenge. Think Iron Chef meets game scene creation!

You will have until 6PM CST on Sunday to start uploading your completed scene!

Another creative endeavor that should yield some very interesting results. This will definitely be something to look forward to. And since it runs right into the Halloween season I’m sure the mood of the events will coincide accordingly.

There is a lot to this latest update so check out the full article!

Update of the Avatar – 08/14/13: The Making of a Female Avatar, The “Double Down on Community” Mission, the $10,000 Challenge of the Avatar, and More!

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