For many of us Ultima IV may be the defining game in the Ultima series. It was that game that introduced the Virtues, gave us the ability to adventure with a party, introduced reagents, expanded the world we could explore and set the path all the other Ultimas would follow.

I distinctly remember playing this game, for hours, on both Apple and Commodore machines. To put it mildly, it was amazing! It was a bright and colorful full of animation, a huge area to explore, a slew of weapons, spells, runes, virtues, shrines, resting to heal your party and an almost endless series of creatures to battle against. There was no Internet, no multiplayer, no in-game purchases to make you powerful, you had to earn everything you got. And it was fantastic!

I mentioned before that Ultima was the game I wanted most to be ported over to the iPad. Well, the day is here. Using an emulator, the folks at Elite Systems have ported Ultima IV over and brought it to the smaller screen. If you recall, Ultima IV is actually a free download. Electronic Arts has made the game available for some time now and you can download it from Good Old Games ( But this is a portable version, you can take it anywhere and show off the classic Ultima goodness to your friends and co-workers.

I’ve just started the small download and can’t wait to give it a try. Considering the game is free with no in-app purchases or other ways to steal your gold, I can’t see a reason not to get this. Judging from the screen shots, it looks just the same as it did when it was new. Some say the graphics looks dated, I say they look just like they should!

Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar

I had to include this picture simply because it brings back so many memories


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