The Sigil of Magic and the Founder’s Coins

image A new update has come out featuring two pretty cool things, at least in my opinion. First is the Sigil of Magic. This makes for some interesting theorizing as to what the new magic system in Shroud of the Avatar will be.

It’s natural to include Earth, Air, Fire and Water as those were considering the four elements of the world for centuries. But then we have Sun, Moon, Life and Death. Those makes sense as well since obviously everything revolves around night and day and of course you can have Life without Death. So how does all that play into magic? Well, that remains to be seen. Oh, and let’s not forget, Chaos is in the middle.

I can only assume that as we progress through the game we’ll have to master something to do with each of these elements. It used to be you had to meditate at the shrine to achieve “enlightenment” on the subject. Did you have to meditate more than once? I forget it’s been so long. But I wonder if you’ll have to do something like that for the new game? It’ll be interesting to see how you gain mastery this time around.

The other neat thing was the sample image for the Founder’s Coin. For those that have pledged enough these will actually show up in the box with the cloth map. And this is a prime example of how this game is being helped and in some cases driven by the community. Two of it’s own members, Sir Frank and Vitralis actually helped design this cool look coin. It of course has the name of the game on the front and the crest of Lord British on the back. Or is it the other way around? 🙂

Those are very cool and I can’t wait to see them in person.

I had originally thought that crafting was going to be a pretty simple and straightforward action in the game. Well, this latest update sort of proves that wrong. It’s not just making a couple of items. Oh no, the Crafting Station will be Woodworking Table, Milling Table, Butcher Table, Alchemy Table, Cooking Table, Smelting Table, Blacksmith Table and Tanning Table. With that in mind I venture to say SotA is going to have a few hundred of not more recipes you can work with.

So, lots to think about. The game, the story and the design are really coming together. This game already has a ton of moving parts. It’s pretty exciting to see both virtual and physically items generated together.


Update of the Avatar – 09/27/13: Sigil of Magic, Collector’s Coin, Crafting Stations, Unity Scene Jam Winner, & More

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