Some new housing to show off today and check out the Castle for the Lord of the Manor. Not only does the house look pretty impressive, check out the inside. You can see the Darkstarr Metronome as a massive focal point in the room. And if you look to the side it looks like a pipe organ. I wonder if that works?


Anyway, the housing looks really good with wide open spaces, multiple floors and even upper decks where you can set up eating tables and crafting stations. That won’t be a great place to hang out when it rains, but in the summer months it will be quite lovely.

Alas, I don’t have a Lord home. If I had that kind of cash on hand I would have gladly pledged it to this project. For now I’ll have to settle for one of the other homes. But to be honest, no matter which one you look at, they’re all impressive. It’s not like any of them are slum or anything. Even the so-called “starter homes” look pretty upscale. It’s not like it’s a box with a leaky roof. You get a pretty nice place to live and lots of room to walk around.

Along with the houses we get a glimpse of the Female Avatar clad in both the starting leather armor and the plate armor. She actually looks pretty bad ass. I remember Stephen working on her during the Pen of the Avatar updates and I have to say she looks quite formidable. I used to play the Amazon in Diablo 2 because she was such an awesome character with long range rapid fire, cold shot, multi-shot and the Valkyrie that she could summon to help with battle. Since this character is supposed to be a ranged fighter as well, I wonder how she’ll compare to my beloved Amazon from the days of yore?



Update of the Avatar – 10/04/13: Founder Lord Home, Benefactor Edelmann Home, Avatar Outfits, & Scene Jam #2

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