It’s the final 2 hours of the Sojourner Tales Pledge Drive and the Hickmans are hanging out live to talk about the game, show it off and bring in some guests to celebrate meeting their goals and the game getting it’s full funding. I love these live events because you get to ask questions and watch a live unscripted where the designers talk about whatever comes to mind. They have a lot of people scheduled to show up, at least for a couple of minutes, so this should be fun.

The live event runs for the next two hours and the Kickstarter project comes to an end. This looks to be a very cool game and should be pretty amusing. You can jump online and watch along at the link below.

Sojourner Tales Telethon Countdown


Update: What a fantastic night, not only did the game get fully funded, and not only did it surpass the $50k goal for the Steampunk story modules, but it game passed through the $55k mark which is the Shroud of the Avatar multiple story line. This is going to be a spectacular experience. Not only was it great to see that level of support, but it brought Tracy and Laura to tears.

The final tally was $55,651. Kickstarter is pretty damn cool. I’m glad to be a part of another really exciting game project.

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