Well, today is the final day. In fact, it’s the final 12 hours of Tracy & Laura Hickman’s Sojourner Tales Board Game. The project has been more than funded and now it’s a race to see just how many stretch goals can be checked off. Personally, I want to see the Richard Garriott tie in for the Shroud of the Avatar. Not only would we get the back story for SotA, but three additional stories set in the new world of the Avatar. That would be quite awesome. That goal is a little ways off, but you never know how these things are going to play out. The team for Forsaken Virtues pushed the goal several hundreds thousand dollars in those final few hours. More SotA fans like me might come over just to get some more story content.

But if you haven’t pledged, today is going to be the last day. And this game and technology sounds very interesting. I’m very anxious to see how Tracy and Laura bring this all together. They’ve been writing stories for 30 years and Tracy is no stranger to technology so they definitely have the background on both fronts.

It’s projects like these that make for exciting times and Kickstater is a great vehicle to launch this kind of creativity. Who knows, this might be the next “Monopoly”.

So, who’s on board with me?

Oh, check out this little gem. I guess I didn’t scroll down far enough


Shroud of the Avatar and Sojourner Tales are excited to announce a very special offer to celebrate the final 24 hours of Tracy and Laura Hickman’s Sojourner Tales Kickstarter (and to show how determined we are to get to the $55,00 Stretch goal)! We are going to award each and every Shroud of the Avatar Adventurer* who pledges to Sojourner Tales at the $20 and above level a UNIQUE Sojourner themed in-game item. And, for our Sojourners who have already pledged here, you can qualify for this same offer by pledging your support at Adventurer level or above to Shroud of the Avatar.

*Adventure Teir is $40 for Founders, $45 for Benefactors.

Tracy & Laura Hickman’s Sojourner Tales Board Game

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