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Once again the entire Ultima Collection can be had for $14. Good Old Games – is running another sale of classic games and once again the entire Ultima collection is on sale. This includes Ultima 1-9 as well as Ultima Underworld 1-2. Also, as stated in the comments and I got the same thing, you also get the Worlds of Ultima as a bonus. I believe that’s the entire Ultima collection for less than $15. I’ve spent more on a burger and fries at Five Guys! And the burger didn’t last nearly as long as this will!

I bought this collection before, but if you missed it and just want to relive those moments, here’s another chance. Plus, there’s some other pretty sweet games in the collection like Wing Commander, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate Wars and Populous. Each one comes in at just $2.39, which is the traditional price of an iPad game. You really can’t beat those prices. You also get a free copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition with each purchase.

Anyway, just passing along the deal and it only lasts through the weekend. If you want the games don’t wait too long. What could be better than passing a night slaying monsters in the world of Ultima and Britannia?

Ultima and other classic games on sale at – Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper Gold–now with Deeper Dungeons expansion, Ultima Series, Syndicate Plus–now with American Revolt mission pack, and many, 60% off

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