The new Shroud of the avatar update has some very exciting snippets waiting inside, not the least of which is tiny peek at the backstory for New Britannia. Even though it’s only a couple of paragraphs long it draws you right in and makes you want to read more. It tells very briefly that the world was torn apart and in the darkness the people united to survive. But then greed took over and people wanted control. Wars were fought and cities were ruined. But the people united again to defend themselves… And then you showed up.

Another part of the updates reveals the new Combat Sigil for followers of the martial path. They are trained in 4 armor schools and 4 schools of the blade. The art for it and the way they have it placed on the floor is pretty sweet.


We also have another change in housing. We now have basements! As with all great cities space is a premium. With that you have two choices, you can either go up and build massive skyscrapers or you can go down and build basements. Since we’re dealing with wood and stone the idea of going up only works so far. Starr Long and the gang came up with the idea of making basements and their representations look fantastic. They’ve turned them into great meeting halls and exciting storage facilities filled with treasures and wines. I like this idea and am excited to see what sort of functionality we get out of it.


There is also more detail about the Druid Home. If you remember, this is the gnarled tree we’ve seen many times and was in fact one of the Pen of the Avatar sketches Stephen toyed with. Well, it’s much more of a reality now, in fact it’s a two-story home with an upper deck. Very nice indeed.


And let’s not forget that Tracy and Laura Hickman not only reached their funding goal and multiple stretch goals, but through the amazing generosity of a backer, they were pushed over the $55k mark to achieve the three story Shroud of the Avatar tie-in. And because of that amazing generosity everyone gets to receive more adventures set in the SotA universe. A huge thank you goes out to whoever made that final push so that we can all benefit from that amazing generosity!


This game is coming together in amazing style. The artwork is outstanding and this team is able to make fantastic features in short order without affecting or slowing down the forward progress. We have some real talent working on this for us. I can’t wait to play this game and with this new snippet from Tracy, I can’t wait to read the story. Just those couple paragraphs have my mind reeling about the possibilities.

You’ll definitely want to read the full update here –

Update of the Avatar – 10/10/13: Combat Sigil, Story Sneak Peek, Basements, Druid Home, Bonus Rewards, & More!

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