The latest Shroud of the Avatar update has some very exciting news. Not only do we get to see the new Crafting Sigil, but the SotA team has turned all the Sigils into t-shirts we can order. If you recall there is Magic, Crafting and Combat. Not only do the Sigils give a hint as to the skills required to master the process, but now you can show off your skills or totally geek out when playing the game. I’m not sure which way my allegiance will run, but I think I might get the Combat shirt.

SotA Merchandise


And not to be outdone, there is a second Shroud of the Avatar Collector’s Coin. The first coin, designed by the SotA team with the help of Frank Baxley (Sir Frank) and Joseph Toscholog (Vitralis/Rustic Dragon), is available only to the Kickstarter backers, however there is now a second coin that is available to all. The designs are very similar and both look exceptionally cool. And let’s not forget that the font used comes to us from Dame Lori. This is quite literally a group endeavor with the SotA community putting a lot of time and effort into it. It’s hard to resist not adding the coin to the cart as I’m deciding on which shirt.


There is also another sneak peek at the backstory for Shroud of the Avatar. Last week we had a very exciting lead in to New Britannia and this week there is another festive morsel to snack on. Your arrival in New Britannia has been foretold. After four long centuries one shall come from beyond the circles of the sundered moon…. This sounds very cool!

In other news we have both the Lord of the Manor in-game house and then the real Lords of the Manor as they got to visit with Lord British at Britannia Manor in New York. Lord British showed off several photos and the event looks spectacular. If you check out the photos you will see some impressive costumes, some impressive food, a lot of hijinks and the serving of an excellent bottle of port. Wow, that Lord British guy knows how to entertain. By the way, the Lord of the Manor home is freaking huge!!!


Finally, we have the winners of the Unity Scene Jam. For this round, the goal was to create catacombs (a personal favorite of mine). Jump over to the SotA website to see the entries and the winners. I’m not going to give away the ending. 🙂

Update of the Avatar – 10/18/13: Lord of the Manor Home, Crafting Sigil, Story Sneak Peek #2, Avatar Outfits, Basements, Scene Jam Results, & More!

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