This sounds incredibly cool! Lord British wants to recreate the original D&D #1 that he wrote on a teletype during his high school days as a mini-game inside Shroud of the Avatar. I love this idea for a lot of reasons. I know there are some really talented programmers out there and it would be so cool to see this old school ASCII version of D&D come to life. Additionally, I used to play games like this on a VAX mainframe while in college. I played on a dumb terminal and it would take a few seconds to redraw the screen each time to you moved. Interestingly, this style of game was adapted to the old BBS systems and went by a couple of different names. I may be recalling the wrong thing, but I think one may have been “Spur”. That sort of game eventually lead to the “MUD”, but I digress.

This sounds like a really neat project and if I had the programming chops I would love to give it a try. I was quite savvy with BASIC back in the day, nothing like Lord British, but I could write GOTO statements with the best of them!

By the way, you HAVE to look at the BASIC code, it’s freaking awesome! I couldn’t help but laugh as I went down the page. The memories this brings back is staggering!

Richard Garriott created one of the very first computer based role playing games in 1977.

The game was inspired by a bet between Richard and his father Owen.

Richard had already written many smaller programs and simple games on the teletype he had access to since 1974. His early programs included calculating radio wave propagation in the ionosphere. Variations of this early “ray tracing” code he wrote won him numerous science fair competitions up through international competition. Still games were his obvious early passion.

Richard’s father told Richard, that if he could create a whole working role playing game, that he would split the cost of an Apple ][ computer with him. The result was D&D #1!

Richard Garriott’s D&D #1 Contest!

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