So, I was watching the recap of the One Year Anniversary Celebration and see that Dame Lori (owner of scored herself a bottle in the final hours of the event. If you recall during the original Kickstarter campaign there was a large MaCallan bottle of Scotch that was given away after the delicious content was finished. It was the bottle Stephen Danielle brought in when he kicked off his “Pen of the Avatar” series in the middle of the night. Dame Lori wanted to add a bottle to her collection and she gets a sweet Isle of Jura Scotch bottle with a nice Ankh on the label that matches her tattoo. Congrats!!


In case you were wondering where the first bottle went, it has a good home right here Smile

The thing that’s funny is how the team has changed since last year. If you notice, there are only a few signatures since there were only a few devs back then. The team has grown significantly since then. We now have a full compliment of devs, designer and artists to make this game. Pretty neat how things change.

One Year Anniversary Celebration! Part II – Jump to 39 minutes and play from there to see the anniversary companion bottle

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