Here’s something interesting, the SotA team is toying with the idea of making a Limited Edition Art Print available using an image that captures the essence of the game. The image would be printed on archival paper, signed by the artist and suitable for framing and hanging. This sounds like a pretty sweet idea and they have 4 images to choose from. They’re asking for input into which image we would like to purchase. I’ve already cast my vote. It may not be absolutely representative of the game, but it would look really nice on the wall and would make a nice conversation piece.

Oh my goodness, they always come up with ways to get money of me don’t they?

You’ve asked for it, We’ve thought about and now it is time to take it to task! The first Shroud of the Avatar limited edition art print.

What we are thinking; a limited run of a single SotA image signed and numbered by the artist on archival paper. The art is 18″ x 9″ with at least a 1.5″ border, 21″ x 12″ overall. Available for sale in the SotA store and shipped directly to you. What’s an art print? What’s the image? What’s the cost? Is there a better way to do this? We are a community driven project and we all have a voice! 🙂 This is our first time doing something like this so if you have suggestions please share!


Shroud of the Avatar Limited Edition Art Print Discussion and Voting

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