Since we’re getting close to the next Release I thought it was time to take stock of the game and thusly the Addon Store. I meant to add a couple goodies during the anniversary event, but sort of got wrapped up in drinking and watching. Today I sort of broke down and added a couple of items. I know these have nothing to do with the next release and won’t show up until the game is finished, but I decided to grab one or two things while they were still available and more importantly, on sale.

While I have no idea what to do with it, I bought Ye Olde Hot Tub. I’m not sure if this should go in the front yard, back yard or on the roof, but I’ll make room for it somewhere. It’s sort of odd though, I’m not really that big into housing, but since I’ll actually have one, I suppose it should have a hot tub.


Another decoration is the Oracle Statue Head. Yet again, I have no idea why I bought this, but do you really need an excuse to have a giant Tiki style head out on the lawn? Where the devil do you put something this big? Would it be gaudy next to the hot tub?


I may have bought a Prosperity item or two. I won’t say which ones, at least not yet, but I figure if I’m going to craft something it shouldn’t suck. Maybe one or two of these will help.

I may have bought a Cloak as well. I won’t say which one until I can wear it, but I think I will look good in cloak.

Oddly, I have my eye on a couple of other Prosperity items. I really don’t know what purpose some of them serve just yet, but i figure it’s better to have not need, than need and not have.

Anybody else buy some neat Addons? Is there something cool I should be looking at?

Shroud of the Avatar Addon Store

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