Greetings everyone! I have everything in place with the latest updates all installed so it’s time to jump into Shroud of the Avatar Release 5! I have my gaming rig all tuned and ready to, I have my laptop next to me with SotA chat and Avatar Radio playing (Firelotus is DJ right now) and I have the appropriate beverages on hand. I looked around the game very briefly to make sure everything worked and found some very interesting housing decorations. I see there are quite a few Darkstarr Moondials, an Oracle Statue and several Bone Thrones. There are lots of other decorations like firepits, carpets and an assortment of other things. We also have plenty of dancing on the tables in the rafters. Quite a few things to tinker around with this this release!

Oh and allow me to introduce my drinking buddies for the weekend. All the way from Scotland we have Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Scotch. And a little closer to home we also have Knob Creek.

So it’s time to jump in the game see what have! If you happen to go running by feel free to give a high 5!

SotA_04-25-14_18-18_1 SotA_04-25-14_18-19_1 SotA_04-25-14_18-23_1 SotA_04-25-14_18-24_1 SotA_04-25-14_18-24_2 SotA_04-25-14_18-25_1 whisky


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